Ask me silly dinosaur questions   Hello all! Welcome to the blog I'll be using to give updates--photos, journaling, general blogging--on my transition and on transitioning in general (starting with my surgery on May 29th). If you have any questions, you can submit them here, anonymously or not, and I will answer them--provided that they aren't mean!


not the greatest picture ever but nearly 3 months post op?? golly gee
only the manliest pecs, y’all

not the greatest picture ever but nearly 3 months post op?? golly gee
only the manliest pecs, y’all

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Favourite casts   Orange Is the New Black
"This is the most impressive group of female characters ever assembled in a series" - LA Times 

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just in case anyone following me likes to play video games…here you go

Steam ID: charlestherex
Xbox Live gamertag: charlesthetrex

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Transgender candidate from Minn. announces run for U.S. Congress →


ST. PAUL, Minn. — A transgender woman from Minnesota has announced her bid for a seat in the U.S. House, representing Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District.

Scott Takushi, Pioneer Press/AP
Paula Overby

Paula Overby, 59, believes she will be the first openly transgender person from Minnesota to run for Congress.

Overby, a quality assurance analyst from Eagan, has never been a candidate or held appointed office.

She will face Thomas Craft, another political newcomer, and Mike Obermueller, who lost a 2012 bid to unseat U.S. Rep. John Kline, R-Lakeville. Kline has held the seat for more than a decade.

Overby acknowledged her gender identity may be a polarizing issue, but she doesn’t want it to define her candidacy.

Overby tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press that she’ll focus on reforming what she believes is a broken campaign finance system.

what what this is awesome

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Things You May Not Know You Need For Your FTM Chest Surgery →


Pretty accurate!

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Balian Buschbaum, FtM athlete

Very interesting interview with Balian Buschbaum about his transition on “Taboo”. I’ve never actually seen an interview of his before and this is quite revealing one. Short-ish clip, less than 15min.

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Museum of Transgender History and Art →

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We Think He Might Be A Boy →


A really touching story from the parents of a young child that may possibly be transgender. 

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so I decided to post a better picture of how it all looks. also, this one is a bonus pic for my friend, Liz. she wants to be a surgeon someday maybe. 

also, bonus white t-shirt pic! I really love white t-shirts now, guys. holy shit.

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